Campers at Camp Hapitok are SLO County elementary aged students, who are referred by SLO County Speech/Language Pathologists. Campers are students who have an IEP with a primary eligibility of Speech or Language Impairment, or Deaf/Hard of Hearing. Approximately 30 children attend Camp Hapitok each summer.

Campers are paired one-on-one with a TIGR (Teen Volunteer) for 4 weeks of camp. They work on speech, language and social goals pulled from their IEP’s provided by the specialists that work with them through out the school year. TIGRs are trained to find learning opportunities through the day using normal camp activities. Campers participate in speech therapy, a language group, and PE in addition to normal camp activities including; swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, and group games.

2012 Commemorative Video